Compagnie Lebon's key dates


1847: Creation of Lebon & Co, a gas lighting company.

1853: Lisited on the Paris Stock echange; development of concessions in France, Spain, Algeria, Egypt.

1946: Law on nationalisation of gas and electricity. Acquisitions of holdings in industrial companies. Primagaz, Merlin-Gérin, Kléber-Colombes.

1953: Creation of securities and real estate investment trusts. Management consultancy.

1970: Development of CDME (Compagnie de Distribution de Matériel Electrique) which became Rexel. Real estate and financial development. Société bancaire de Paris.

1976: Paluel-Marmont Merill-Lynch partnership. Development of the first mutual funds and unit trusts.

1981: First Esprit de France Hotel. Paluel-Marmont Gestion

1988: Paluel-Marmont Bank

1992: Capital investment. Paluel-Marmont Capital. 

2000: Development of the financial, real estate and hotel divisions.

2014: Management on behalf of third parties with raising of the PMC II fund.  Investment in thermotherapy, “spa”.