Les valeurs Compagnie Lebon

Compagnie Lebon’s activities are backed by the implementation of five values which are the pillars of its development:

For us, integrity is embodied by an exemplary professional ethic. Integrity has been the hallmark of this family undertaking for more than a century.
Integrity is a prerequisite to establishing confidence with our employees, our customers and our partners.

The sustainability value is backed by the family shareholder’s clearly demonstrated desire to ensure the sustainability of its business developments over time, with the aim of transmitting its assets to future generations.
For us, sustainability means ensuring the long-term development of our businesses by working with stable teams and sustainable command of the company’s skill sets.

Entrepreneurial spirit is vital to our business project and is the major driver of our development.
In each of our business lines, it seeks to promote innovation, creativity, agility and a sense of collective initiative by constantly improving our existing activities and developing new projects.
We believe entrepreneurial spirit is required to create value in a context of measured, conscious and controlled risk taking.

We believe economic performance requires regular, robust, measurable, and sustainably acquired value creation over time.
Such economic performance means ambitious returns, without taking disproportionate risks, in accordance with our business ethics.
Our economic performance strikes a balance between organic value creation and gains from disposals.

We express our humanism through our confidence in our teams. We demonstrate this value everyday for each of our employees, by empowering them, encouraging teamwork, developping new skills and fostering harmonious employee-management relations.
Our humanism implies great respect for our customers, our partners and our suppliers.