Present in the capital-transfer and development sector for over twenty-five years, Paluel-Marmont Capital is a well known stakeholder. Capitalising on this experience and expertise, Compagnie Lebon has opened up this expertise to other investors to expand its opportunities and ensure the growth of this business.

This business is run by the management company Paluel-Marmont Capital, authorised by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (Financial markets authority).

Paluel-Marmont Capital  manages the following two investment vehicles:

      • The SCR PMC 1, in which Compagnie Lebon has a 99,4% shareholding. It includes all the investmensts made before 30 june 2012 and no longer aims to make any new investments;
      • The FPCI PMC II began business in early July 2012, and is now the only entity making new investments. The fund raising has been closed on 31/12/2013 and Compagnie Lebon is the main subscriber.

Paluel-Marmont Capital manages the FPCI PMC II in line with the previous investment policy namely:

      • in french SME whose turnover is between 10 and 80 M€ and whose company value is between 8 and 40 M€;
      • on projects shared with the management team that has proved its ability to achieve the firm’s growth;
      • as part of campains whose leverage does not compromise internal and external growth prospects;
      • with investment tickets from 1,5 M€ to 10 M€.
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