Paluel-Marmont Valorisation (PMV) carries out the acquisition, exploitation and promotion in France of all types of real estate: offices, housing, stores and business.

The various areas of intervention are as follows:

  • transactions to restructure existing office and residential real estate,
  • residential and commercial building promotion,
  • development of hotel and utility building projects,
  • office, industrial and commercial yield assets,

Opportunistic investments:
Sales campaign lot by lot of a housing complex of 6 residential buildings in Rueil Malmaison (Dept. 92): 90 lots with a surface area of 7,357 m2;
Sales campaign lot by lot of holiday residences in Aix-en-Provence (Dept. 13) and in La Plagne (Dept. 73) with a total surface area of 6,929 m2
Development of a public utilities complex in Orchies (Dept. 59)
Acquisition of minority shareholdings in opportunistic funds
Investments in funds invested in residential real estate in Berlin and New York
As part of partnerships, PMV has made the following investments:

Residential building promotion campaigns throughout France, especially in major regional cities, with Constructa Promotion: a total of 560 lots in 11 ongoing campaigns, with a total surface area of 41,500 m2
Residential building promotion campaigns in the Île-de-France region with Bricqueville: 4,647 m2 developed;
Sales promotion campaigns with Soppec: 4,200 m2
Acquisition of a portfolio of 11 office and business buildings in regions acquired through Sofilo (EDF landholding trust)

Yield assets:
Development, marketing and operation of 2 business parks in Orchies (Dept. 59): in total over 18,000 m2;
Sale and lease back campaign with an industrialist in Compiègne (Dept. 60) involving 27,000 m2;
Mixed office / business building in Boulogne (Dept. 92): 715 m2
Bond holding for the development and operation of a solar power plant in Vendres (Dept. 34)



Assets under management: 85 million euros 

Number of shareholding: 36

Average performance of the portfolio since 2001: + 6.8% per year

Distribution by type of asset:

Residential real estate: 45% / Stores: 35 % / Offices: 12% / Logistics: 4% / Renewable energy: 4%



PALUEL-MARMONT VALORISATION is composed of two investment managers, a financial analyst and an executive assistant.